The website operation promotion experience three years ago today gongcheng

contact website operation promotion is a chance, the fourth class is relatively small, relatively ample time, often play online, have nothing to do, so do some website, interested in things can be recorded, it is possible to recognize some like-minded people, but I was still holding another idea, that is, if done well, the website sold to others can also earn a lot of money


did not take long to find some website erection friends, with their help, the site quickly completed, is a literary website, because I love literature, hope can cultivate your own literature.

After the

website set up, I didn’t go to it, then really silly, think website done, they will automatically come to your website for the past two weeks, my website at people who are not, every day only a few IP, the forum is also a post is not. With an old saying goes, is idle can shoot flies.

I think this can not go on, I have to go advertising, invite some people come in with me, so I just add their own QQ group inside the advertisement, but due to long time diving, did not appear, sometimes advertising just finished, gave the group management T out, indescribably depressed!

one day I was in the group in the advertising, there is a group of people in addition to me, said: "you are so tired of advertising, I have a QQ mass software I sell you a little cheaper" I said: "you can." Remote look at his software mass process, it is true, and he did a deal, 50 dollars. Later, he got my guide said: "brother, you call this tutorial? These are a few years ago things, not to mention there is no practical value, even the value of learning is also very small, these things to others, others will call you." I said: "I am ashamed, I can only collect these resources, there is no better thing." He said: "I tell you a good place — a push, there are a lot of valuable website posts and promotion problem, above there are a lot of help, what problems can be up to above mentioned, also help diagnose your free website, see your site what questions." I do not believe what he said, what will this place? I said: "is not a small movie station? Haha!" he said: "really, do not deceive you, my QQ mass software is downloaded from there, you feel okay with


station, I soon found him inside, really, a lot of people on the inside, and there are some free diagnosis posts, so I stay at home, which swept the post, learn the useful resources for me.

learning after I began to try to operate on their own, I soon learned, to promote and for their own web page revision, after a period of operation and promotion, website traffic is increasing, I also began to try to add some advertising, every day there are some advertising revenue, it is very a >

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