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Q room network

LaSalle bank announced the termination of the acquisition of Q housing network 15% stake in Beijing Q housing network exposed a lot of stores shut down, the news of employee turnover…… These events will affect the financing process for Q housing network, requires a lot of pre burn Q housing network, the first test in 2016 is facing financing difficulties. Store unrealized profit, it is difficult to quickly occupy market share also hinder further financing Q room network. The industry believes that the future to explore the profit model, improve the quality of service is the two major obstacles to the development of the Internet intermediary.

admitted shut shop

Q housing network stationed in Beijing market, the development is not expected to smooth. Earlier, sources said, Q room Beijing branch closed some stores, a large number of staff turnover. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter interviewed the general manager of the Beijing branch of the housing network Q Zhang Jun, the other said, Beijing Q room network is indeed closed around the part of the store in October, was shut down stores accounted for about 30% of the total store in Beijing.

Zhang Jun said that from the operating level of the Q room in Beijing, the company decided to close some stores. The reason is that these stores can not be closed for business license, or the location is more biased, can not interact with other stores. Shut down the store employees will be transferred to other areas of the store, because some employees are not familiar with the new district and choose to leave, Q housing network staff turnover rate of about 10%, because the real estate intermediary industry personnel turnover rate has been high, Q housing network employee turnover is normal phenomenon in the industry.

A person familiar with the

Q housing network insiders said that the rapid expansion of the Q housing network, stationed in Beijing, in store location and recruit staff review there are some problems, this is not the main reason later, some stores have closed. In the case of poor sales of the store, the staff is inevitable.

market share of less than 1%

in fact, hit Q housing network was established at the beginning of the sign is "real estate Internet platform to provide online and offline for the national real estate industry under full channel marketing solutions, the company network to find room, O2O franchise, new business, housing finance as the four core platform, is one of the many emerging Internet real estate platform.

December 2014, Q housing network emerge in Beijing; April 2015 Q housing network organized in Beijing conference, and to celebrate the Beijing hundred shop opened. At that time, Q room network, said in 2015 will vigorously layout Beijing, and strive to reach the size of the 200 shop, the team of 5000 people equipped with the goal directed at the top three Beijing industry.

has finished in 2015, Q room in Beijing, the development is not smooth. Zhang Jun Beijing daily in an interview with reporters that Beijing has been the focus of the real Q network business, is currently in a period of adjustment, the market share of less than 1%, Q housing network is currently in Beijing base is weak, yet to achieve profitability, the future will be adjusted to track.

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