Why did the rankings change

if you’re lucky to get a high ranking of a hot, hot keyword. Many uncontrolled factors can make your ranking plummeted.

competitor Seo activity

a lot of time, the success of the promotion of SEO not only rely on hard work to optimize the work, but the reason for the lazy competitors. If you are the only one who implements the SEO promotion, then you will be in the forefront. However, you will never know that there will be a guy who also started SEO promotion activities.

server stability and speed

search engine will visit the site at a reasonable frequency to ensure that the latest content, and to the search program. But if you don’t have access to your web site when the spider is visiting the site, what will happen if they fail to find your site, they may not rank it?. So the next time you check the site rankings, you may be more depressed, can only wait for the next time the spider comes back and can rediscover their website.

different search engine databases have different results

what we’re talking about is trillions of data from hundreds of millions of websites. Search engines have no way to save all data to a database. This means that at any given time, the search program is looking for a large number of different search engine database, each database may give some slightly different search results. As a result, you can expect your site’s ranking to fluctuate every day. Do not try to eliminate these small fluctuations, do not care too much.

search engine algorithm changes

you don’t know when the search engine algorithm will change. There are a lot of people tracking search engine update, in order to understand Google micro adjustment of the algorithm is often neglected, you can use one word to describe them, the algorithm. I advise you not to be one of them.

uses an incorrect SEO method

uses a number of SEO does not meet the requirements of the search engine, when you update the ranking of the existing rankings will change.

links with cheating website

and cheating site exchange links, when more than a certain number of links, the search engine will be subject to different degrees of punishment.

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