The world’s top domain name registration increased CN domain name plunged webmaster unconcernedly

in December, 09 years ago, if you spend a small amount of personal registration of a CN domain name, it will mean that you have a national top-level domain. Not only the price is cheap, and the registration process is simple, only need to timely renewals, it can be used. 07 years of CNNIC " CN domain name one yuan of registered " activities, received an unexpected effect, plus a variety of other means, the domain name CN rushed to popularity, not only become the world largest top-level domain name registration, but also to promote the reduction of domestic threshold site made distinctions won in battle. It can be said that in the past few years, the success of the CN domain name can be described as difficult to copy the myth, was the owner of the individual and the terminal market have been promising, there is a great potential to surpass the status of.Com in the country.

however, ironically, the success of the CN domain name is indeed difficult to copy, but not its glory can not be beyond other domain names. But the rapid fall speed and today’s horror, it is in other top-level domain to "transcendence" and "copy". It can be said that the CN domain name also CNNIC, also CNNIC, almost equal to the number of its registered COM domain name is not itself from the management and the market value is really beyond the COM domain name. But relying on the huge domestic market base and cheap promotional activities brought about by the digital overlay. CN domain name in recent years has been in the accumulation of contradictions, this contradiction is the contradiction between the growing CN domain name and the lack of regulatory oversight. CN domain name is more and more, but in the registration audit and supervision and not strictly review the registration information and supervision of the use of the domain name in the process. The result is more and more with easy access to the CN domain play the edge ball, even do some illegal harmful information and pornographic websites. Results in one exposure 09 years after CCTV, a get out of hand contradictions become.

when the management aware of the problem of CN domain name, take a completely blocking behavior to control the domain name bad application. From the registration requirements prohibit individuals only companies registered, to prosecute the CN domain name registration information and bad application. A large number of sites fell, a large number of CN domain name is prohibited. After the introduction of the real name registration of the new deal, not only the registration process becomes longer, too strict audit information, prices also rose sharply. The CN domain name as a baby with a hot potato for personal webmaster. There are CN domain name, do not dare to stand, and has been used to do the domain name of the station, but also worried that do not know what day registration information problems, was immediately stopped. Webmaster dahushangdang and regret it did not choose other domain names, domain names such as CN own webmaster was abandoned for more than a year, the number of vertical decline like sat like a slide.



released from CNNIC 2010 CN domain name growth trend, the number of CN domain names in January 2010 was 12 million 280 thousand, while in December fell to 4 million 340 thousand, down nearly a year >

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