Personal online information disclosure clearly marked consumer rights long way

China has issued more than 400 million credit cards, the total annual credit card transactions through more than $13 trillion. Reporters found that the bank credit card customer data leakage phenomenon is quite serious, the network is "fair" public sale. And the exception of the provisions of the exemption provisions, often allow consumers no accountability.

online shopping information by dozens of people to confirm the true

According to the Shanghai

a third party Fortune Management Inc sales personnel to provide clues, the reporter recently using QQ group search function, search for "call" the keywords found about 200 "data exchange function of the QQ group. Search bank data, the number of participants up to hundreds of people, active groups of at least 30 transactions. According to reports, these are credit card information trading black market".

in one of the phone sales data sources, QQ exchange group, the reporter to buy identity, quickly from a seller to get a true test for the bank credit card customer data. In this data, the workers and peasants in the establishment of a number of commercial banks, such as the 200 customer information are listed, including the cardholder’s name, mobile phone and home address, bank account.

reporters call one of the Anhui City, Hefei, the owner of the phone, after confirmation, he is indeed in the Bank of communications Anhui branch of a business department to apply for the Pacific Credit card. While living in Hefei, Shushan, a street in the city tourism bureau to work other information, but also with the identity of the proof provided by me. After calling to confirm that the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Construction Bank of dozens of cardholders also said that the customer information has been leaked true and effective.

price classification lowest 2 points up to 5 yuan

reporter survey found that in WeChat and a number of e-commerce platform, telephone sales exchange circle, the sales industry data group is also a large presence. Many information traffickers have said, can be customized according to the region, after the first trial payment". In addition, according to the personal information of "quality", "the price is divided into various grades and ranks, each price from 2 cents to 5 dollars a month.

for example, the new credit card account data in accordance with the sale of 0.5 yuan a; have sold a second-hand data, can be cheaper than 0.35 yuan each; some high-end customers such as gold, platinum cardholder information every price is as high as 5 yuan. With the help of online chat, payment tools, buyers from the order to get this information, the transaction takes only a few minutes.

, a man claiming to be a member of the Hebei based WeChat group, said the main buyers of these information is precious metals, trust and other financial institutions, telephone sales staff. Only his group, more than and 400 people to negotiate the sale every day. The more you do not have been hit by the higher the price of the phone information, the cheapest one 2000 yuan 100 thousand, counted as long as each data as long as 2 cents."

ghost reselling bank was ordered rectification

commercial bank shall not be subject to the client without the authorization of the customer

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