About Taobao another way double eleven years ago

Taobao is a lot of customers to promote a major promotional power. Wheat bags at the beginning of the time is to rely on the majority of Taobao customers to quickly open up the situation. Simply put, Taobao customers are similar to some kind of intermediary with the nature of the goods channels, buyers will be a certain proportion of the Commission to return to Taobao customers through a specific link. With no Taobao customers, also won’t have today Taobao unified electricity supplier situation.

it is understood that in 2013 Ali mother (Taobao alliance) of Taobao passenger total Commission will be more than 500 million yuan, if each commodity commission ratio is 20%, the total trading volume of goods that Taobao Tmall through the Taobao customer reached more than 2 billion 500 million, in this bustling scene, some people may think this is a good situation, mutual benefit and win, the owner sold goods, Taobao passenger goods Commission, Ali mother also obtained the corresponding technical Commission (10%), but did not imagine that simple, the end of 2013 on Taobao Ali mother off vigorously "amok" and union rules, double eleven 2014 will be Taobao off the most difficult year.

nanzaihechu, obscenity following

, Ali mother internal rules, external

spoilerAlthough Taobao Tmall

Taobao customer brought a huge source of traffic, but its existence has affected the fundamental interests of businesses, if businesses have opted for promotion by Taobao customers, Taobao abandoned the survival train, drill exhibition, Juhuasuan and other high-speed toll station to achieve a corner overtaking passengers bring huge traffic, Taobao is a good thing, but also bad, good is to bring in traffic is bad, businesses paying attention to guest body, thereby reducing the Taobao advertising, this is a fatal threat to Ali, said the beautiful bring more traffic? Cut! Buy keywords, sealing his API interface, all single jump love Amoy; multi Baidu bring traffic, according to cut, shielding Baidu spider grab him, did not show me the goods; Many WeChat bring traffic, then cut, completely shielded from WeChat over Taobao link, let you jump to my Taobao client download page, from the Penglai road to Penglai road cut, cut back and forth for three days and nights! So the start of ruthless, Taobao on the outside so cock is not afraid of being his parents know.

in addition to the external business platform of the spoiler, Ali mother is a domestic earlier promotion alliance, the beginning of the welfare policy, variety of goods, high commission rate, high conversion rate, combined with a variety of promotion tutorial assistance, let mom expanded rapidly, in other electronic business platform is also to see the trend in succession follow, Jingdong "Zeus" alliance, Dangdang alliance, one store, Amazon B2C store the alliance is emerge in an endless stream, pat fools in the fighter, headshot two time after it did not see him come out to mix. And Liu Qiangdong’s high profile for the overall planning of Jingdong can also see its determination to challenge Ali department, Jingdong to increase the opening of the Zeus alliance, or when

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