How to regulate the electricity supplier taxation renewed rumors of Taobao business

day before, with state tax bureau is studying the policy options for effective tax collection and management of e-commerce news, in the years of tax levy of 5% business enterprise. At the same time, a number of domestic electricity supplier companies in North China, East China and other regions of the implementation of electronic invoices, and is expected to promote nationwide, in order to establish a sound e-commerce system. So far, has been a long time the electricity supplier tax was put on the agenda again. But for Taobao, such as C2C platform, the implementation of the tax process will face many difficulties, how to levy is the key.

2013, China’s online shopping users reached 302 million people, an increase of 24.7%, e-commerce transactions exceeded $10 trillion, an increase of 26.8%. Among them, the online retail market turnover of more than 1 trillion and 850 billion yuan, an increase of 41.2%, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods reached $7.8%. Such a huge turnover, but not included in the tax administration system, it is no wonder that Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong called for this country, the loss of the one hundred billion tax, it is unfair to the retail entity.

indeed, the rapid development of e-commerce at the same time, online shopping, do not pay taxes without Invoicing has become a hidden rules. For those accounts in Taobao’s businesses, because there is no physical store, so the store without paying rent, and some individual businesses because there is no registration in the relevant tax authorities, so there is no tax proof, no need to pay taxes. It is because of the avoidance of shops and tax expenditures, making online businesses and the formation of the price difference between the store.

The individual is the main business of Taobao’s

C2C platform, a lot of people did not go through the business registration, no registration in the tax authorities, so the C2C platform has been in a blank state tax, a similar situation as well as the Jingdong pat network. No doubt, this model is favorable for businesses, but some fakes rampant and after-sales complaints and other issues also show the lack of regulatory loopholes in the electricity supplier Taobao department. According to the invoice, tax collection… A series of policies have begun to restrict the behavior of businesses from the side.

, however, due to the direct impact on businesses, especially the interests of individual businesses, so the electricity supplier in the implementation of the tax will face no small obstacles. First of all, the pursuit of interests to the seller will boycott the tax on electricity suppliers; secondly, many sellers of small scale occupation indeed, once the tax, they only find a way out. For example, an annual sales of 1 million yuan, annual profit of 100 thousand yuan Taobao menswear brand sellers, in the payment of value-added tax, urban construction tax, education surcharge, local education surcharge and enterprise income tax, the remaining profit is 11 thousand and 340 yuan. It can be said that Taobao and businesses are reluctant.

of course, the relevant departments of the state since there have been some plans, whether the tax is only a matter of time. At this point, it leads to another problem, for those who are certified Taobao big business is relatively simple, but those small businesses how to manage it?


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