CBC electronic business platform in October on the line the layout of the user data accumulated B2C

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face set off a wave of Internet banking, the bank is at top speed layout.

September 5th, the newspaper learned exclusively, ICBC recently notified: "initially integrated e-commerce platform to pay + financing in October 19th officially launched, will set the online shopping, investment, financing, consumer credit in one network.

, according to informed sources, the platform for both B2B and B2C, from the current information of internal communications, early may hit B2C, the merchant threshold is higher, and this with the bank business platform good financial business model is significantly different from the main B2B.

August 30th, the Bank launched a personal micro consumer credit products easy credit, based on customer online shopping and credit card spending records, providing loans for consumption or investment financial products.

Li Weiping, general manager of

ICBC personal financial services, told this reporter: after the introduction of our electronic business platform, it will dock, mainly for online B2C consumer credit."

at the same time, the livelihood of the electronic business platform was officially registered in Shenzhen, Qianhai in August 29th, known as the line, the integration of B2B, B2C two models.

through the integration of capital flow, information flow, logistics, mining small and micro enterprise customers, online supply chain financial services is the future trend of financing." Hu Yahui, deputy general manager of ICBC said.

however, the banking system electricity supplier in the B2C user experience is poor, the price advantage is not obvious; the B2B has not yet been successful model, enterprises lack of will, online industry chain financing takes a long time to accumulate enough transaction data, has become a thorny problem facing the banking business platform.

for credit card customers push credit

Compared to the

business enterprise, banking business platform user experience is poor, a small number of commodities and the price advantage is not obvious defects have been criticized, and credit card payment, microfinance is its advantage.

recently, ICBC for payroll customers launched a loan product easy loan, users of online shopping or consumer credit card, through the real time online, mobile phone SMS, bank loans, the maximum amount of 600 thousand yuan.

POS "this line, online mall based on transaction data and give credit loans, the industry is the most important, convenient platform for customers to pay B2C." A bank of electronic banking department official introduction, the bank will also launch a similar platform for electronic products.

according to the good financial business staff, the personal loans there are two main models, personal loan is bank mortgage customers, and normal loan for more than a year, only to the network application; individual rights pledge loan to deposit lump as the pledge, the maximum loan amount does not exceed 95% of deposits. The maximum loan period does not exceed 300 thousand 1>

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