AirPods could not come still probably will not bounce Christmas shipments

AirPods is called a headset from the future, get rid of competing products, many products several figure. But when people want to buy this product is full of enthusiasm, apple poured cold water again and again, unable to deliver this epoch-making headset products. Seeing the coming Christmas, promised by the end of listing but disappeared, so more and more media began to dig where the problem bouncing.

from Wall Street Journal reports, familiar with AirPods program source that AirPods wireless headset continued at a delay key, AirPods is not in the two headset synchronization signal. Apple hopes that the two headphones can not only be used together, but also can be used alone. When an earphone is out of power, it can be used with another headset. In addition, in the future can increase the option to buy a single headset.


and the latest news pointed out that the problem is not here. From Mac Rumor reported that the well-known Apple blogger John Gruber think more precisely, the current AirPods manufacturing process in addition to trouble, rather than the design of the product itself. Due to the difficulty of the production of AirPods much higher than expected, it led to the current AirPods has been unable to successfully ship.

currently, apple officials did not confirm the time to market AirPods. Christmas is coming soon, it is not possible to buy at this time. Can only wait until early next year to see the success of AirPods products listed, so Apple bounced is rare.

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