After the 404 page hijacking hijacking millet router traced to promote their application

millet forum broke the news

V2EX forum users Athrob broke the news

[TechWeb] June 26th news reports, V2EX forum user "Athrob" broke the news, after the hijacking 404, 403 error page, millet router (development version) and add a line of code JS, millet began to promote the application in the part of the user access page. The news broke the user visit watercress movie found on the page appeared millet phone app advertising information. This caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the industry and users.

some friends said, 404, 403 page changes, as well as JS injection has exceeded the user’s definition of the router, it is a data transfer station, but does not handle and edit user data. The most worrying is that millet by mistake and JS injection to do business". And through the collection of user information to promote software behavior, violated the privacy of the user.

Baidu input millet routing hijacking, the relevant search results of up to 3 million 600 thousand. There are friends in the MIUI forum Tucao said, "this jump quickly bored me to death, it is the job of the browser, the random jump, could have on the website, refresh on the line, it is a turn I can’t refresh the page, changing the address, even my personal website is blocked."

millet users complained, "at that time is the use value of millet router Zhicai Yan bought", "millet is more and more without integrity, there is no regret medicine." The users also exposed some of the configuration file of millet router, suspected whistleblowers description header advertising, as shown below:


back in May, there are some users of millet router feedback HTTP403 and 404 hijacked. Technical experts said, millet router page hijacking advertising principle, it is found that there is a specific list of hijacking, if users visit the URL in this list will hijack the page and insert the ad code, this code is stored in the, Cheng Mingwen communications, and without any encryption.

insiders said that due to the smart router is the entrance to the user, there may be more hidden dangers. And millet router for users by the transmission of data collection and accurate control, and the processing and analysis of large data, may affect the user’s privacy has There’s no telling the future. Once the privacy information is exploited by hackers, the user will cause incalculable losses. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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