Small and beautiful marketing QQlist database marketing

Why do Taobao

customers now feel more and more difficult to sell products, why? Pay traffic more expensive! Free traffic acquisition costs more and more high! Before some good drainage while it is still valid, but do very tired! But it is difficult to accumulate, such as SEO, ranking tomorrow not necessarily still today! Such as comment drainage, hot news today tomorrow as soon as no echo, QQ space drainage, one day does not maintain popularity on the decline of the powerful! But more and more people to do marketing, many Internet users have been marketing resistance! So the conversion rate has declined


what are we going to do about it,


as a novice, or grassroots, no money, no technology, many aspects are relatively scarce! So naturally can not with others than the operation team, what is there for the grass roots to the operation of the project


in fact, this is not a project, it should be said that the train of thought, is a new choice, forced to small and beautiful. Easy access to a large number of traffic more and more in the hands of a few people, precision marketing is an inevitable choice.

We do

webmaster or network project friends often will be attracted by some free resources, such as to send you the day to earn 1000 yuan tutorial posts, and then let you subscribe to his mailing list! Many novice or confused friends will go to subscribe. This leads to what I want to say today the database marketing database marketing! Never use, has existed for years, is not a new topic, but the grassroots webmaster, Taobao customer practitioners contact is not much, because he is not so obvious to the QQ group, not like the SEO keyword ranking well after so violent! Database marketing needs a relatively long process, from the grasp of potential users to a step by step to establish a trust relationship, until the deal! So database marketing for some of the relatively high price of the product, because he can accumulate trust! Such as sell sell sell tutorials, training, marketing software, selling slimming capsule

products and profits!

database marketing is very broad, I have access to only QQlist mailing list! This is also a good way to do personal.

why do you say that?

first QQlist is a free product of Tencent, the current personal QQ is not able to apply for, interested friends can register the enterprise mailbox can be used. Need to register the domain name, this is not a problem. The need for specific tutorial I can find to, will not be issued, so as not to block some people sell off course, ha ha. To say that the free is the most expensive, and that QQlist is an exception, but I guess the future may also start charging QQlist.

is the second, because permission based email, are interested in the precise user will subscribe, so the mail arrival rate 100%, open rates look at your own practice, generally can reach 10% to 30%! This ratio is quite high, compared to that.

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