Focus on nternet research and development of innovative products the completion of the first round

recently, the domestic well-known software developers Fujian Fang Wei Mdt InfoTech Ltd announced the completion of the first round of strategic financing, the investment side of Societe Generale capital.


science and technology, founded in 2008, the early main business is to provide customized software development services for other enterprises or entrepreneurs, they later found in the service process, customer demand is very concentrated, followed the trend of development of the Internet at that time to go, such as online mall, that’s when the customer is asked to do most.

this discovery not only let Fangwei technology have improved the efficiency of customer service, to provide the overall solution for the idea of the traditional Internet business transformation at the same time, they also inspire positive attention and the latest development trend of the Internet industry and the emergence of innovative business models. Then, if there is both in line with the future development trend, and generally applicable to the business model of SMEs, they are rapid product design and development, and then to the market, to provide customers with.

eight years of experience, more mature and professional

from the party to Party group purchase system dimension dimension, dimension P2P system to raise the public credit system, and then to the square dimension on-site service O2O system, party system, Party O2O community dimension dimensional interactive broadcast system, since the way, Fangwei technology research and Chase Internet outlet, not only won 6 software patents, more than 30 the software copyright, but also cultivate business acumen, accumulated a strong professional ability and technical advantages.

currently, team size hundreds of people Fangwei technology, including 80% R & D personnel, whether it is product manager, UI designer, or PHP & iOS & Android system architects, engineers, maintenance personnel, have rich experience in the Internet, they support the party dimension with the development trend of the Internet, to provide covering O2O, Internet banking customers (P2P, chips), interactive marketing, mobile live in areas such as a one-stop solution, which has always been a leader in the Internet of innovative products and solutions to the forefront.

good products to win a good reputation, good reputation to establish a good brand


can grasp the Internet outlet, make quick market response, the first time launched to meet the majority of enterprises and entrepreneurs demand for products or software, customers Fangwei technology has been a growing trend, in February this year, the square dimension series of products for commercial users not only realizes the 15000+ breakthrough, but a considerable part is obtained the old customers recommend new customers.

therefore, word of mouth, the square of science and technology brand is also set up in the invisible. When customers have Internet software applications or services, we will first think of dimension, technical strength, the party dimension of business model innovation strong brand, for many years, makes them feel more reliable cooperation and dimension.

continue to strive for further improvement "

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