A new generation of Ethernet standards approved speed increased by at least 5 times without changing

news September 28th, IEEE (International Institute of electrical and Electronics Engineers) has just approved a new generation of 802.3bz Ethernet standard, compared with the current 1Gbps transmission rate, the transmission rate under the new standard can be upgraded to 2.5Gbps and 5Gbps, can be increased by 5 times.


maybe you have heard a variety of cutting-edge network technology transfer rate of more than 10Gbps, but their popularity and long way to go, first the cost of the equipment may not be the ordinary family can afford, the latest Ethernet standard and IEEE approved, although the rate is not so extreme, but it can really ordinary user convenience.

is more convenient, in addition, the new standard, the original network can still be compatible, that is to say, the future use of a new generation of broadband network standard, the cable can not replace, of course, other network devices still need to upgrade, but it is much more convenient, after all the cable deployment or a troublesome things, especially for large enterprises. IEEE said that only in the past 15 years, Cat5e and Cat6 cable laying length of more than 70 billion meters. If they need to replace it, will be a huge project.

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