nternet Conference for the first time using micro blog interactive 160 guests exposure

August 13th news, 2010 China Internet Conference will be held in Beijing in August 17th. As the most influential industry event, the conference is the first large-scale introduction of micro-blog elements, not only at the venue throughout the projection of micro-blog content site guests in his speech and speech over, continue to send micro-blog interact with friends, the General Assembly on the netizens’ ".

then, the venue will have a huge projection screen, personal micro-blog projection is speech CEO on the audience to listen to the speech at the same time, can also be understood and their evaluation, or questions sent to the screen. After the speech, each CEO will also select a listener to answer questions raised in micro-blog.

this process will be fully reflected in the CEO interview process. In the process of dialogue between the Tencent interview, the host will be the question of alternating with micro-blog users, we are concerned about the industry through micro-blog and CEO face to face. Prior to this, Tencent science and technology in advance through the collection of micro-blog to the Internet companies CEO their problems, but also more than a thousand.

the Internet Conference, Tencent micro-blog to become "the official exclusive micro-blog platform", this also made full preparations, not only recruited 200 participants reported in micro-blog users group, participants also continue to send through the micro-blog site audience own interesting and valuable content.

In addition to

, but also to build a 10 exclusive micro-blog page, the same venue will be the topic together to facilitate the participation of micro-blog users to listen to the interaction.

micro-blog elements introduced on a large scale, not only make the scene more vivid, more subtle information can be quickly transmitted to the user, also set up a channel that can not arrive at the scene of the audience, can also be transferred to the micro-blog voice they care about enterprise and CEO. As mentioned above, the response to the question or response to CEO, not only through the field of large screen projection, direct interaction with the audience and speakers, but also in the interview link to get interactive.

according to statistics show that more than 160 participants in the internet conference speakers, there are hundreds of Tencent opened the micro-blog. In addition, there are more than 500 industry CEO, experts interact with users on micro-blog.

in 2010 on the occasion of the upcoming Internet, all the participants of the list of guests has been exposed, the following is a list of more than 160 speakers (ranking no matter):

Hu Qiheng, director of the China Internet association

Vice Minister of industry and information technology,

Qian Xiaoqian, deputy director of the State Council Information Office

Vice President Chinese Academy of engineering team leader CNGI

Wu Hequan

Gao Lulin, vice president of the China Internet association

Gao Xinmin, deputy director of the China Internet association

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