Secret mobile live behind the hot bubble Zombie fans brush list and crazy burn

"deep web" report group text / Xin Xin

when there are more and more to see the WeChat circle of friends and other social networking platforms friend forwarding its own live ID, small Xin (a pseudonym) could not help but also download about the experience.

she is currently the most popular APP on the registration and opened a live broadcast, in just a few minutes to come in dozens of spectators. However, she was puzzled that the audience did not interact with him and comment, not to mention the gift of flowers.

in fact, the small Xin in many first-time live software users who have occurred. It turned out that in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of primary users to use live software, a lot of mobile phone platform will be set up a number of mobile robot account, which allows primary users to start using live when it will not be so lonely.

looks the robot and the real user account as a user name, ID, fans and followers, but actually they are just lying there useless zombie fans.

mobile Internet development today, a booming turbulent burst potential, on the other hand also exposed the bubble and fanaticism, past group purchase or O2O industry is so, now mobile live too, appear zombie fans would be a reflection of.

over the past year, seems to be a night broadcast platform will "All flowers bloom together". Tencent technology had incomplete statistics, from early 2015 to the present, has been easy to live, fun sowing, pepper, KK launched, reflecting off, dozens of blue whales live broadcast of the main mobile phone products have on the line. According to the relevant data show that in 2015 China online broadcast platform number is close to 200, the network broadcast platform the number of users has reached 200 million, the large peak daily broadcast platform while online number is close to 4 million, while the number of live room more than 3000.

live behind the hot industry, the controversial bubble began to emerge, brush standings, zombie fans, burn and other sharp but true phenomenon has cropped up. The reason of chaos generated, may be attributed to the platform of data is sought for capital, eagerly look forward to and rely on. You know, for the time being can not achieve the direct broadcast platform, capital is their good medicine".

zombie powder manufacturing false prosperity

"brush powder" was popular in social media such as micro-blog is popular. For example, just spend 20 yuan will be able to make thousands of fans concerned about themselves, but the price is not high, but the number of fans in exchange for instant surge, it does seem a good deal. With the rapid rise of the direct broadcast industry, brush powder phenomenon and a new stage".


brush with the owner of the owner of the chat screenshot

a "garlic & small green" users had tried to reflect off black live, still will have ten "audience" to enter the studio. And all of these viewers are ID >

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