Double letter short name continued to take the heat wave after another high priced acquisition

double letter short domain because of its short and easy identification and scarce continued popular, and the recent is enabled, applied to the net price of nearly 6 ricom, digit, main home medical equipment B2C. RK and Rick, population, runkang, Raycom, and many other meanings by peoplesoft.

short domain short memory, domestic enterprises also more attention from all walks of life for this type of domain name, especially double letters of the world’s top five hundred application case: HP China, many Chinese VS, LG SK electronic China, Chinese, EF, SG boutique network, Unilever Chinese The application of double letters of domestic enterprises, the recent Shanghai mutual information technology acquisition Chinese domain to 200 thousand yuan, used in the British Education Alliance; the Oriental "Shanghai" online mall open online, web enabled CN domain name domain name system abbreviation; China Unicom enabled to build China Unicom fertile portal;

at the same time, the health domain both in foreign and domestic market has been hot recently, was reported, Kang road network enabled Kangze, in China there are many terminal names, are also protected by the holder, will soon enable it, while protecting the disease. Along with the development of people’s life and the electronic commerce market, more and more people began to pay attention to health, enterprises will pay more attention to the establishment of Internet brand, with "health" and the short domain name will also sought more than meters.

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