The fate of different cotton warehouse is small and medium business letter


in the Jingdong, Suning promotion war lively, domestic small and medium business survival state of unprecedented cold.

recently, with cotton as the breakthrough of the vertical B2C category electricity supplier website D web, because a large number of suppliers owed money, which is located in Beijing warehouse has been the law enforcement departments to be seized. At present, users have been unable to make any purchase of goods in the cotton net.

an d investors confirmed the news on the "first financial daily". But cotton official explained that the storage system failure caused by.


CEO Lin Wei said that he is temporarily unable to resume normal operation time D. In addition, he stressed that the cotton is not all individuals, including all shareholders, but he could not decide whether D, individual to continue operations.

industry winter comes, the electricity supplier investment has been recognized frozen industry. But there are still new ammunition support". Yesterday, the two companies have announced B2C obtain financing: Flash purchase website poly still won the silver Ruida venture capital, IDG capital, SK capital and capital of South Korea joint investment B financing round of $30 million, while another was Ruanyin and LanChi $10 million joint investment Tianpin net or even a start-up enterprise.

‘s Chinese partner in charge of Liu Tianmin said, electricity providers still have a lot of opportunities, a good team still has investment value.



data shows, LineKong CEO Wang Feng for cotton angel investors, currently serves as chairman of cotton, well-known angel investor Xu Xiaoping in 2011 10 million yuan investment in cotton, cotton since no record of financing.

yesterday morning, Xu Xiaoping micro-blog said: "the supplier to forced into what kind of helpless will do so? And there will be many opportunities for the company to give up this last resort?" he pointed out that the operators have the opportunity to win or reborn to respect the market and all stakeholders and stakeholders, including employees customers and suppliers.

, an insider said, the current cotton investment has not yet on whether to help introduce capital to reach a consensus, while Lin Wei is with the capital side to mediate.

but the situation may not be optimistic. The partner of an investment agency told the newspaper, cotton had recently sought only one million yuan level of financing to save the farm, "very little money, but we refused, because it has no value."

to D web the current financial difficulties, insiders believe that Lin Wei is due to improper choice of business category. D cotton net at the inception of the cotton market as the starting point, but the price is low, the socks brand premium space is limited, low threshold by copying industry criticized.

even have the view that the customer price of 100 yuan less than the electricity supplier can not cover the cost of the loss is obvious. Then, it will expand to the cotton net stockings, underwear, underwear and other products.

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