Why Papi sauce will become a new generation of network red After accepting investment will go to med


text / Li Donglou (micro signal: lidonglou)

recently there was a special red fire, fire to you can not ignore her. She is Papi sauce, a beauty and talent in a woman, has just received 12 million of the financing. After her fire, many people exclaimed: red or red net net economy to come of age.

Papi sauce why will become a new generation of network red

?Prior to

, I worked in an article last year, when it comes to the present social media power of the recession, there is no big network can be in the limelight. Especially in recent years, there is an impressive network of red, red net feeling appeared dating phenomenon. However, a fire all over the net of the network is still red. So why does Papi sauce fire?

first, in this era of fragmentation of reading, the whole network can really be able to spread across the platform. Previously, feel the social media power in recession judgment is not exact, furthermore, should be spread in the debris of the times, the audience is very dispersed, to become a true network covering the whole network red, must have the ability to spread the whole platform. And this ability obviously hand piece and WeChat V who are unable to do. In the micro-blog era, all kinds of hand piece can be maddening or even thousands of millions of fans in micro-blog, but has spread all kinds of funny scripts in the WeChat platform is not up, but can not grafted to the United States shot, second shot short video platform and Iqiyi video platform, Youku potatoes length. In the WeChat era, a variety of vector graphic content is thought to force the fame million big V who, though to chapter 100 thousand +, can rise to the red net point of limitation is also is not spread across platforms. Therefore, in today’s social media is extremely fragmented era, a person to become a network Reds is extremely difficult, Papi sauce do, so she is popular with fans and sought after by investors, has become a media spotlight shining star. Obviously, such a long article piece, it is difficult to obtain cross platform communication, such as scripts may only be released in micro-blog, in a long article may only suitable for hair in public and media column, the short video is to break this boundary, can in a short video is currently has a wide number of users sharing website and video portal to release.

secondly, Papi sauce is actually the accumulation of fire. Few people can suddenly hit a good times, then wind up, suddenly on fire. More or because of their own years of accumulation, and then met a suitable opportunity finally broke out. The popular Papi sauce actually said to be accidental, nor accidental, its accumulation is enough, you can see from the video she really has acting talent, ability creation script, to better understand the current Internet psychological demands, the objective reason based on the above three points, plus the choice of a short this video content creation form, Papi sauce completely fire. In fact, before that, Papi sauce

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