Baidu union push patch business promotion invited members can be put in


figure for Baidu alliance patch advertising management background interface


April 12th news, Baidu has officially announced the opening of the "League promotion promotion patch" business, the first invitation site list has not been released, is expected to mainstream online games and video site video is expected to become the first invited member.

it is understood that the promotion of the form is in front of the video game or online game show a way to promote the load. Because of the user’s attention, the display position is good, and the user does not affect the video and game experience, so it has a good promotion effect.

at the same time, because of its high click through rate, high value, good user experience, to make full use of the advantages of the web page structure, etc., the form is also the site of the hot. At present, in the domestic large-scale video and online games, such as the website, the promotion form has a certain degree of application.

Baidu official said, Baidu network alliance promotion form patch designed can effectively prevent delays, optimize the user experience. Relying on the Baidu web promotion is huge, promoting the quality of customers, promote the patch can bring in huge profits for the alliance member.

it is reported that Baidu Wangmeng promotion will patch by invitation system, only invited union members can be put. The first list of the site has not yet been announced, the outside world is expected to mainstream online games and video video site is expected to become the first batch of invited members, for all members of the opening time has not yet been determined.

Baidu union official said: Baidu alliance will not deliberately focus on competitors, intentions to do their own thing is the most important. Whether it is the beginning of the theme suspension, or the promotion of the patch, are designed to provide more revenue for the alliance members of the channel, and effectively increase the income of members.

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