Small companies spend money on all staff meetings

according to the size of your company, a staff meeting may cost tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars, but every penny is worth it. For small startups, it’s worth it. But you should pay attention to all of the staff of the law: to be held regularly; make the meeting into a "work + entertainment" combination; at the same time, be sure to plan ahead.

to improve productivity to streamline the process, you spend all the investment in the meeting will be rewarded. It is also a key element in building your corporate culture and driving your company to success.

This is because the

, all the staff will give you the company has created a virtuous cycle: you in the development of an exciting and lasting corporate culture, which is crucial, because it can help you build a passionate team, which can improve user loyalty, consistently and with corporate earnings.

company held a regular meeting of all staff has 5 benefits:

building and strengthening corporate culture. It is a great opportunity to show your company culture two days to three days in each room of the same city. In order for new employees to accept your company philosophy and the way you do things, a plenary session is especially effective. Don’t underestimate the value of the corporate culture to the new employee in a face-to-face manner.

to overcome the dispersion of The Virtual Corporation. Now, many companies have set up offices in many locations across the country (and even around the world), and they also have virtual employees who work at home, and sometimes they may not be able to see other colleagues in a few months. Face to face meetings can create a sense of reunion among your employees, but the feeling is not created by Skype or Webinar.

build a collaborative working environment. All employees should be a combination of work and entertainment, you can do a charity project throughout the company or other "research project" to solve the problem. Combining the content of the meeting with the evening leisure activities can create an effective learning and team building atmosphere.


plenary session will also break the barriers between the departments and eliminate inefficiencies in the bureaucracy, rather than merely organizing "channels" to make the whole company work more efficiently. By communicating directly with each other rather than around the circle, employees who spend time together at the conference will find more ways to address the backlog and bottlenecks.

Unifi Inc strategy and objectives. The plenary session is the perfect place to communicate key results, your company’s overall strategy, and key strategies for the next few quarters. It gives each department an opportunity to show how it will play a key role in achieving the company’s goals. Each department will have a more comprehensive grasp of its objectives, which is not only very important, but also invaluable, because everyone is suitable for them to

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