Mail marketing is not a good tool to use outdated

With the wide application of

social platform, it seems that the traditional mail marketing began unpopular, many people think that the email marketing, the marketing efficiency is very low, and now a lot of mail system set up anti spam system, even if you are sending mail, often because of anti spam system, either these messages are filtered, or to be transferred to the junk mail box of potential users, thus it is very difficult to play the role of email marketing.


email marketing also has its own value, for example, with the excellent content to realize the transformation of user traffic, and email marketing can not only extensive mass, but also to send to potential target users, so you can more quickly obtain accurate flow, and improve the conversion rate of flow. So how can we give play to the value of e-mail marketing I think can be improved from the following aspects.

first, set the mail title. Because there are a lot of spam mail system. These anti spam system has been able to play a role, often is the key word filtering. Such as advertising involves some sensitive words, such as weight loss, invitation letter and discount information, some anti spam system directly shielding these messages, or will income to spam, which is obviously not conducive to reflect the role of email marketing. Therefore, when we write a marketing type of mail, you need to combine their own marketing needs, and then refine the title. For example, you need to invite others to join the talent website, then you can set the title: "you look forward to work here," that is to say the title should be very short, but also to be able to cover your marketing content, this will avoid the possibility of anti spam system is very high.

second, optimize email content. Advocate the message content to be using electronic magazine format here to show the author very, which not only allows users access to a wealth of knowledge, but also can appreciate the exquisite design magazines, so you can make the original advertising content may suffer the user objectionable, into active subscription households. For example, now a lot of offline brand marketing as well, such as China Mobile, DELL computer users tend to send the corresponding magazine, although these are advertising content, but in the form of magazines to show, but do not let the user objectionable. So this approach to the introduction of e-mail marketing is very appropriate, can effectively enhance the value of e-mail marketing.

third, the use of professional enterprise e-mail marketing. We will certainly have heard the QQ group for e-mail marketing, but the use of QQ’s personal email account will be subject to a lot of restrictions, and it is easy to be anti spam system identified as spam. So the introduction of professional domain name, coupled with the application of a Tencent enterprise mailbox, so your email address can be set to the company mail domain name suffix, and send this mail, mail in the league, as long as you send the email does not contain Trojan or other possible virus content. They will not be judged as spam, which can.

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