Website promotion key steps

with the popularization of the network, the development of network information. The network has become one of the indispensable tool in the life and work of people, many netizens also from the use of the application of conversion, began to create their own websites, settle down in the network. I believe in the near future, everyone will have their own web site, through their own website and the outside world better interaction and communication. How to be a practical, can let visitors will benefit from the website, is essential to make a station, the Seoer takes a key step to share with you the website promotion.

a, positioning analysis

? Web site theme analysis: consider what kind of Web site to which people, around the main site, set the name of the site;

?? website: website positioning around the subject, set the relevant column, column to refine, do not seek, but refinement;

? Industry competition analysis: according to the situation of the competition in the industry, the advantages of other websites, integrated into the site as a whole;

? Website prospect analysis: website short-term planning and long-term development strategy, what is the profit point of the site.

? Two, website planning

web site planning: Web page code is streamlined, the web page is clear, the capacity of the page is appropriate, the color of the page is harmonious;

? Website structure planning: the site’s structure is reasonable, the layout is simple, can improve the user experience;

? File and file name planning: file name planning, page format planning, etc.;

?? access system analysis: statistical analysis system installation, keyword analysis, antecedents, area analysis;

?? promotion strategy planning: reasonable arrangement of website promotion, etc., properly and logically arranged.

? Three, marketing method

keyword method: from the main keywords, column keywords, page keywords, SEO optimization, etc.;

? Search engine login method: log in commonly used search engines, such as Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Sogou, Youdao, MSN, etc.;

? Link relevance method: link relevance, website weight;

? Target market approach: the analysis of the industry market, the study of the relationship between the site and the market;

? Characteristics analysis: analysis of the characteristics of the site, what is the selling point;

? Marketing page method: the location of the marketing page, the content of the marketing page, the first feeling of the marketing page, etc.;

? Site maintenance: content maintenance, service maintenance, customer service maintenance;

? Four, global optimization

? Web site architecture optimization: structure optimization

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