Analysis of the development process flash purchase site Fab why hot


5 months on the line to break through the user to reach the size of the, with a Facebook of 10 months, a few months ago just completed a $100 million financing, founder of the annual revenue of $150 million is expected to reach $second…… This is the Fab speed! What?

company profile

Fab is a creative products flash shopping site, the company is headquartered in New York, Manhattan street clothing. It provides designers with a platform to sell their products in a few hours at a discounted price. At the same time, it also attracted a large number of consumers buying limited luxury". On the Fab website, every day a lot of creative design products into the public eye, Fab selection of products is the principle of innovation, sense of form, function, sense of humor and texture.

development process


, co-founder of Fab Goldberg and Shellhammer’s original idea is to create gay social networking sites, but their ideas are not very clear, both want to do gay Facebook, wanting to be gay Yelp, also want to do gay Groupon. Although the number of users reached 110 thousand, but it has not been expanded, which makes the two founders very disturbing, they conducted a user survey, get feedback: Although the product is very lovely, but the user has the habit of browsing the various comments on Yelp, go to Groupon shopping, sharing location information through Foursquare, in Facebook and gay social. So, Fab team to build the platform is not what they really need.

began in January 2011, the two founders every Monday night dinner, to explore how to survive Fab. They carefully analyze what they are good at, as well as the team’s greatest competitiveness, where the conversation quickly transferred to the design field. They believe that the field of flash purchase of fashion products is a billion dollar industry, the market is huge, but the design of this piece is still not reclaimed. After trying many kinds of products, the Fab team created a "Daily" project, fashion, Home Furnishing, clothing and other creative products to packaging for products, which triggered a small spark in the user group, and let Fab quickly break through the inherent circle of users, more widely welcome to consumers.

Fab team from the daily recommendation of this project vaguely see the dawn of victory and future direction. In March 2011, the founder decided to turn off gay website; in April 2011, the on-line test version, began trial operation in the trial operation period, through the viral invitation, a total of 175 thousand registered users. Shellhammer and sales team to rally in the social media platform, attracted a large number of designers, businesses and consumers. 2011>

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