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intelligent mobile phone has become a necessity in people’s lives, 2G3G4G network has been advancing into daily life. Website construction in recent years, the rapid development of the industry, making the network era with the network marketing. And in 2014, what kind of website can more satisfy users, meet the enterprise marketing goal? The author thinks Dennis non mobile phone website, non micro website is.

we know that the smart phone has become a necessity of life, many public places have been WiFi sharing, in order to meet the needs of customers now, improve service quality. At the same time, most of the time, whether you are in a coffee shop in the shopping or to enjoy their leisure time, we will see a screen like this, some people in the sliding keep their fingers, or shake them when the hell are you doing? Obviously playing WeChat, micro-blog or query data.

in 2013, many companies have developed the prophetic vision mobile phone website, but with the rise of micro-blog, WeChat, they have become the user will "play", and this part of the user is increasing to unimaginable numbers, this is to remind the enterprises, the WeChat era has arrived, in order to better seize the opportunity the service in this year’s marketing work.

first of all we have to know, what is a micro site, literally, the key is in a "micro" word. In fact micro integration and innovation in WebApp and website source website, compatible with all major operating system iOS, Android, WP, and WeChat, micro-blog can facilitate the application link to the mobile client to browse the market browsing experience and interactive performance requirements of a new generation of web site. Compared to traditional computer sites, micro sites can be synchronized with the sale of computers and mobile phones, and now do not have to spend the cost of micro site to buy the domain name, space and website for the record.

combines the advantages of the computer site, while the site has its own unique advantages in which.

first, micro sites in the design more concise and generous, and small page resources, access speed, improve the online user experience.

second, micro sites can be automatically identified according to smart phones, tablet PCs, extended to the user a good visual experience.

third, a combination of mobile web site data to achieve a key service, such as: a key to share, a key call service phone……

fourth, micro site and now WeChat, micro-blog platform perfect combination, can be more convenient to meet the user’s query needs.

of course, we should be found, along with the expansion of micro sites, micro shop marketing has entered the "micro" network world, I believe that in 2014, micro fusion with people website will be more rapid life, become an inseparable part of people’s lives.

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