Online myth has ended Physical retail value was re examined

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November is the electricity supplier carnival, the appliance manufacturers have to refresh the record of eleven double, while at the same time, this year, "the end entity" bad mouthing the sound fades, experienced business seeking landing exploration retail value are revisited.

in fact, no matter how business developed, it is still unable to cross the chasm with the store, which is seeking to fall in line in business over the past year, but also the core retail business owners experienced a loss after the shock began to realize. But in the face of the impact of the electricity supplier, the retail entity regardless of transition or innovation, the key is to take the customer as the center, how to make up for the electricity supplier can not provide the experience, to further improve the service of the shop, directly affect the profitability of the retail entity and fusion chip.

in fact, now in the carnival behind the virtual economy, it is the remodeling and upgrading of the real economy.

Nuggets line resources

online traffic resources is the next focus on the layout of the online electricity supplier. Over the past year, Alipay led WeChat to pay for mobile electronic payment means is using a variety of activities starting retail terminal, Alibaba, Jingdong is looking for retail enterprises landing, fusion is the past year theme. "Offline traffic is continuous, and the most important thing for the real business is that it belongs to you." Geng Zhijun, deputy general manager of WeChat, said the real retail Internet has gone through three different stages.

is the first self built electronic business platform, the problem is to get high user costs, no flow. The second stage is settled in a large electronic business platform, the problem is that the user data can not precipitate, unable to establish effective user interaction. Now in the third stage, the entity’s own terminal retail stores and its representatives of the line traffic has become the core advantage of the field of business, based on the establishment of intelligent retail service system has become a trend.

how to make everyone into an effective flow, and then generate commercial value, is the key issue to solve the physical retail Internet strategy.

to intime cooperation with the Alibaba for example, invested heavily in construction early intime intime network, but with little success, after is the early cooperation Alibaba, has brought many members to intime, but did not realize the transformation, these people will not go back the basic electricity supplier intime consumption." A large business group business vice president, Tengu network CEO Liu Sijun said, the key is to make a business personnel move, not just a simple coupon so do an activity, to produce creative value, "step by step to meet consumer demand for services." "The data support, but also can be more accurate than we want to transfer to the user, such as who we know today’s birthday, what will be the birthday friends ready, how do we know so that users can easily get product information, rather than the store posted to all kinds of all. The precise data to understand and transfer, is our traditional business pain." Ant gold service group public service division

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