How to play a new social electricity supplier Yuanfeng MBuilder weapon

Internet three giants: Baidu, Tencent, Ali has been in the field of social layout and competition.

which especially Ali and Tencent competition for.

Tencent to break the closed, open interface for drops, Jingdong, in addition to the open mobile phone, WeChat, the third party service inside the wallet option, you can also see Yao Jinbo’s 58 city, into the connection is idle away in seeking pleasure Wang public comment.

now the Internet has fully penetrated into people’s lives, social and electricity supplier in the process of steady development has gradually combined with each other, so the birth of a micro business, from the media and a series of other products, such as network red.

domestic social electricity supplier overall are still in the exploratory stage, in addition to giant infighting, there are a lot of possibilities.

social electricity supplier model has several characteristics. One of the most important is the concept of change, from "consumption" to "consumption". What kind of social model is the best?

is what we do not know what to buy, but in the process of our social, commercial and social content through pushed to us, this way is based on big data operations recommended, so to grasp the commercial acceptability, and we can also buy happy.

is the most important social applications are made up of people, so with the consumer base, then everything is good, this is why Ali has been competing for social reasons.

electricity supplier in the past 1 times, shopping is no social attributes. The user is still a "shopping" state, so it is not anytime, anywhere. Mobile social electricity supplier really achieved a 24 hour state of shopping. We are in the social circle at any time, so it is possible to buy goods at any time, and the idea of buying is pushed.

followed by the largest social dividend from traffic can be two times, three times, or even multiple distribution.

mobile social electricity supplier characteristics, is able to help businesses get low-cost traffic. On the other hand, due to the social attributes, businesses are more motivated and willing to achieve the ultimate product and service experience. Social business is no longer a hammer trading business, but also hope to do a good job of service. Played a virtuous circle. Third, a simple word, all based on social things, must be fun.

penetration of shopping information in more fragmented social scene, the combination of social and shopping, social interaction to complete the transformation of the electricity supplier.

far Fung has been the layout of the development of the field of social networking providers, research and development of IMBuider, to help practitioners in the field of social networking providers will be their social networking system and unified.

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