Yang Tao on the network marketing the art of war with articles

"network marketing" the art of war "in between, the author Yang Tao think in network marketing work to do related research, a good understanding of the industry and its rivals and, in the specific promotion effect to do the analysis and statistics, so we know the antecedents and user transactions into effective promotion.

first, the network marketing to do preliminary research

network marketing to develop a detailed program and strive for victory, you need to understand the industry and its own and competitors, so before doing the relevant research and analysis must be done. When do you can use specific software and search, or online questionnaires can be realized, for we have business users and interested users can, you can go to some industry report related web site to search, you can also share in Baidu library information search and download website.

two, network marketing to do effect analysis

for network marketing should be completed after the effect of real-time monitoring, this is to improve and adjust the effect of network marketing has a great role. You can now do some free analysis using statistical analysis tools, familiar with Google cnzz analysis and statistics can be analyzed, for the network marketing the most important thing for us is to analyse to the source transformation of customers, by viewing the source URL or search keywords antecedents statistics we can see, some can promote the website to add the relevant parameters for statistics.

three, network marketing to do a good job of confidentiality

network marketing work to do security work, some contents of the plan it is premature to publish online, in addition to the signing of the network marketing and employee confidentiality and competition prohibition agreement, to prevent the company’s internal data released to the Internet, or directly to the rival company to go to work, an important task can let two people responsible for many people control or mechanism. The other is the security of information, pay attention to do a good job of site data backup, to prevent the site from being attacked and destroyed in time to restore. Remember a friend do network promotion in the recruitment of staff, distribution of each enterprise mailbox, all promotion account is by him to provide mail and security staff to make registration, convenient to use and management of the company long-term.

four, network marketing should focus on resource acquisition

do network marketing to win, we need a useful resource for the promotion, many network marketing teams or industry resources need we spend to buy, some master is need to spend heavily to hire, also can hire network marketing consultant for us to plan strategy, of course, for we can imitate the real opponent the user to consult online or buy to understand each other’s processes, such as the training industry, there are often competitors sent over learning, acquiring textbooks and lecture video resources, for valuable resources to obtain or cherish heavily.

as a network marketing manager, to do a good job of confidentiality, in addition to access to network marketing related resources should be attached importance to. From <

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