Fresh fear of double 11 quilt to create a Chinese type explosion of cold chain logistics

when the brightest electricity supplier for the day one hundred, shoes and clothing, household appliances, 3C and other categories of massive stockpile as fresh category is relatively low-key a lot.

whether it is a Jingdong, shop No. 1, such a platform or electricity supplier, I bought the network, SF preferred, originally vertical electric life network such as Tmall, Taobao, the fresh sellers must face the same problem: how to do logistics warehouse explosion? Home clothing, even later sent to a few weeks, not as for the impact of the use of; crab prawns, if a few days to send to the user, the courier will not send……

cold chain logistics into fresh electricity supplier bottleneck

is known to all, fresh category of logistics requirements are very high, requiring transportation, transfer and storage in the cold chain environment can always ensure health, freshness and nutrition. For this reason, cold chain logistics is very difficult, like normal logistics, relying on a large number of temporary recruitment courier can expand capacity. In fact, even if the plane to double eleven, cold chain logistics is also the bottleneck of fresh electricity supplier, and even death. Fresh water early Tootoo, Futian network has been difficult to grow, which contains the constraints of cold chain logistics.

even today, the largest logistics construction, the largest investment in Jingdong, its progress in the cold chain logistics is far less than normal temperature logistics. "Jingdong is currently more fresh platform mode, basically is to SF based, supplemented by local cold chain distribution. This is the case of Jingdong of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs self fresh, cold chain distribution system by the Jingdong owned Jiangsu distribution, Jingdong official said on the "Securities Daily".

according to the "Securities Daily" reporter, cold chain logistics Jingdong, I bought the network, Tmall and other electricity providers, mainly by the SF to bear. In COFCO’s I bought the network as an example, the category of fresh 60 city distribution, including its own logistics can cover the north, on the broad, deep and other 9 City, the rest of the city by the SF distribution. Of course, SF also have their own fresh electricity – SF preferred. However, due to the volume is still small, the electricity supplier has not been considered as the main competitors.

this year eleven, Tmall has put in the fresh food category and the equally important position, and have only fresh food categories of sub channels. With Jingdong, Tmall and other large electricity providers have to force fresh, fresh category of the rapid rise in turnover, which means that the cold chain logistics cake has become a big change. In September 25th, SF cold chain logistics would be split into independent brand – SF cold transport, SF cold transport is open to all suppliers, including SF preferred competitors, SF EXPRESS vice president Li Dongqi said, "according to the plan, the next 3 years to 5 years, cold operation will become one of the pillars of the sf". Public data shows, at the end of last year, Yuan Wo Holdings, China Merchants, CITIC capital invested 8 billion yuan to get about 25% of the shares of the SF, SF valuation of 32 billion yuan.

large electricity supplier plans to build cold chain logistics

Internet Co closed loop trend in the moment, not

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