Web entrepreneurs please forget the search engine

      search engine is gone, what to save you, my website!

      to be honest, I was a search engine optimization (SEO) obsession, in the search engine optimization, I should have the expert level is the level of it, the same, the search engine has brought me many benefits, at least let me have got N considerable income. (site advertising fees, selling station fees, SEO optimization fee) now go to the network to work is also the reason for this aspect of the network.

      unfortunately, also SEO, also SEO!

      on the site a few years later, I suddenly heard a word, search engine optimization (SEO), in curiosity and really want to drive to add some traffic to the site of the idea, I began to study when the successful search engine optimization, after optimization, bring numerous traffic from search engines, I crazy obsessed with the.

      sometimes I feel a bit like the actual search engine optimization opium, from that day, I found myself hard to do publicity websites only need to do the optimization can bring huge traffic, I suddenly lost power before continue to use the promotion plan, from now on, every day are considered how to find more popular keywords, how to do better optimization. Most often the site colleagues will give up and eventually do my passion, forget yourself stand, starting from this moment, everything will flow to. After that, I look at other people’s Web site, is not to pay attention to its content, the page’s beautiful, user-friendly design, and so on, the first thing is to look at how to optimize, really obsessed!

      finally, the search engine has brought me a big blow, my website let Baidu closed, every day from reduced from twenty-five thousand IP to four thousand IP only, that time is absolutely lost, lost confidence in the site for me, a short period of time with this website (when the environment is good, the site was sold, I sold a satisfactory price).

      Baidu hit me in fact is nothing, the real defeat is too dependent on the SEO, and forget to bring a better experience for the user, really get the user’s recognition. The site has done more and more in a lot and make friends, more and more successful, I still dream of how much traffic from search engines, so now they succeed, but I don’t have a fulcrum!

      so my goal now is to forget, search engine, web site no longer rely on search engines, in recent years the fire site has the website search engine is dependent on fire??? Search engine

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