WeChat launched the change function to scan a two dimensional code to collect coins

WeChat launched the change function

Phoenix Science and technology news January 21st news, I believe many people have to buy things in the supermarket, businesses do not change the situation. To this end, WeChat today launched the "red WeChat change function, users simply scan the QR code on the small ticket, you will receive an WeChat red" change".

specifically, supermarkets and shops to print out the "WeChat change ticket", the user by scanning the two-dimensional code, will receive equal WeChat red envelopes, no longer need to change cash.

currently Meiyijia more than 7 thousand stores have access to the WeChat change function, the next step, WeChat will cover the change function, TODAY Quik convenience store.

In addition to

, the official login CAITONG WeChat change interface, WeChat red envelopes can be a key transfer of money, money in the money does not need to be implemented and other aspects of the purchase of financial products.

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