Visitors are few and far between web game over the vegetables

"simply click on the mouse, fresh fruits and vegetables, egg and poultry fish will automatically send the door to……" Only a short while ago, in this "new human" fashion concept, a website selling raging like a storm. However, the reporter recently interviewed found that the former Guangzhou prosperous "good helper", "Yi 10000" selling sites have not scenery in, some even put up the shutters.

Guangzhou website

flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum vegetables

"Huayi 10000" is a website selling vegetables in Panyu, reporters learned that this was mainly for the net selling food in 27 communities in Panyu area of vegetable distribution services, including coverage of Luoxi plate of Lijiang garden, Guangzhou Olympic Park, Guangzhou Biguiyuan, sea Lawan, real estate, and the village and village plate Clifford, Fairview ecology, Southland Olympic Garden, Jinxiu, agile and regal villa flats. "At the beginning of the concept is still very attractive to everyone." It is understood that the Panyu real estate residents are busy working, there is little time every day to visit the markets to buy food, and the area where the supermarket vegetable price is relatively high, so the "online vegetables" was opened in the beginning of many young white-collar and "Indoorsman" and "Indoorswoman" favor. But when reporters click on this site, but always see the store inventory, please come back later, the mall suspended business.

coincidentally, as Guangzhou’s first "online market", "good helper of life distribution center" has also been in a fire last year. And now this website has been unable to open, once the two service hotline have become empty.


who came to crack the problem of selling network


provides a convenient selling website only reporters found that flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? This website management is not mature and the current consumer shopping habits associated with relatively large.

"online vegetables price is still expensive, but the old to buy food or love" seeing is believing "." There have been online shopping experience Tan Jie told reporters. "At the beginning, I bought a few times, but I found that I still like my pick." It is understood that the vegetables net consumption is generally by telephone or directly in the online registration for members to the consumer, but are to advance orders, such as ordering dishes at noon customers need the day before 11 pm before booking, booking late dish customers need the day before or when the afternoon 3 when booking before. In the eyes of consumers, what kind of food is hard to say like a plan to work the same day before the scheduled, so it is not convenient enough.

on the other hand, in the view of network operators selling vegetables, only set to purchase wholesale orders in advance and then get cheap dishes, food distribution organization. "Each business net profit of about 2 yuan per month, all websites are not many, not to carry out Instant buy food to send food business. In this case a single distribution price may be improved, and consumers will be difficult to accept."

but the reporter found that things >

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