Win 10 free upgrade on the last day why free in China also no matter

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there’s no such thing as a free lunch. However, I was more than and 10 years China people steeped in CD, this is Microsoft’s free of exceptionally cold.

in July 26th, also the last three days left from the Windows 10 free upgrades, Microsoft issued a statement: 49.76% Chinese deep resentment of the computer is still using Win 7/ Win 8.1, you obviously can free up Win 10 good mody.


is even worse than Microsoft thought. The vision into the world, the third party agency NetMarketShare data show that in the past 6 months, Windows 10 market share rose only 8% in June 7, Windows still occupy the top 49.05%, even more than in May increased by 0.58%.


if you have the impression, Microsoft once boasted: high Windows 10 up to three years to be able to install 1 billion sets of equipment, now, even the free case, the first year has only completed 350 million of the installed capacity.

seeing the situation is not good, Microsoft in mid July to Renzai, said the main blame Windows mobile phone suck, but also the way to find a higher level, "but Windows’s customer satisfaction in ascension".

so, let us take a look at why the Windows 10 free strokes here with


before talking about this, there is a basic fact had to mention: Windows 10 limited free upgrade only genuine Windows 7/8.

first resorted to a list:


this is from the network traffic analysis tool StatCounter statistics over the past year, China’s share of the desktop operating system changes.

looks too complicated? Look at the following:


Windows XP, this ancient system released in 2001, until today in China has not been angry, in June the share of up to 23.04% over the same period, the share of only Windows. And this is a huge group, not in the free upgrade category Windows 10.

even if you are already using Windows 7, but if it is not genuine, after the upgrade is still piracy.

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