Dialogue watercress North find the external value of the user


watercress founder North (right)

A North

watercress founder second guest geeks Park Innovation Conference, following last year’s "no operation" bean and 100 thousand users, this year, the North’s law "and what new ideas

?As early as last year on

Innovation Conference, Beijing has a watercress founder guest geek Park Innovation Conference on user experience and community operations are not empty in an interview for the audience he answered "meaning watercress slow company", and the "user experience vs users value" and "operation vs self-excited vibration" described in this speech, first proposed a North "operation watercress" concept and the "100 thousand user law", so want to know the guest geek Park Innovation Conference again this year, North (2013) and Zhang Peng talked about what, please see the following interview excerpts.

2012 watercress do electricity supplier reason

Zhang Peng: try many new products such as the city of Alfa, in the last year and this year is still watercress, watercress new products such as read watercress, watercress movie, and last year is not the same, it seems that this year’s products tend to value cash, or that will have a direct relationship with the values, which is what causes it


North: watercress as the company is more special. When we have more than and 300 people, the product line management and product lifecycle management of things, we are in fact not intended to be commercialized, but this product is just at this point in time, watercress reading is such. If you don’t do it, it will happen, the user will ask, this is a very natural process. I have always felt that the value of the user can bring commercial value, we are still doing the first time from the start of the new innovative products, it is possible to become the three or four year after the commonly used products.

Zhang Peng: the life cycle can not be a very important issue is a product of the demand, cannot make commercial value in the life cycle of the transformation, transformation of business value with the external environment, if not related to the external environment, may be forced to do something, for reading is like.

: a North music too, the first time to buy genuine CD very few people, now have become digitized, we cannot say that e-commerce products, to help you find some new things, then we judge ok.

user value externalities

Zhang Peng: I think it can be attributed to the nature of e-commerce, but the mode of operation is not in the classic sense of the electricity supplier model, I think it is the value-added model.

North: we buy copyright, one hand to create new value.

Zhang Peng: we explore a bit like last year, said the embodiment of the value of the user’s external comparison, called to help you make decisions, this thing itself to the user >

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