Facebook into China not to death


recently, the network transmission Facebook has rented a property in downtown Beijing, plans to open offices in china. BYD said, from Fortune financial center developer HKI insiders news, Facebook has signed Wealth Financial Center, lease or 3 years.

, however, the Wealth Financial Center official did not respond to this, Facebook spokesman Debbie ·, Forster also refused to comment on whether the company opened an office in Beijing.

Facebook plans to enter the Chinese market for a long time. In fact, as early as the end of 2007 Facebook layout began doing business in Chinese, it had to Chinese "American Faith bock" in more than and 60 different China registered trademark. The same year, Facebook also registered under the.Cn domain name, Facebook will be on the market once came into China’s news. And Li Jiacheng subsequently confirmed in March 2008 has invested more than $100 million to Facebook, and in the same year in June, the SNS website also launched a simplified Chinese version. But the next three years, due to various reasons, Facebook into China plan was stranded.

according to this observation, often rumored outflow, Facebook always do not doubt, things finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. In my opinion, the Facebook into China is still just a rumor rumors, even if the Facebook really into China, perhaps also non dead".

policy uncertainty

Facebook into China will face the biggest stumbling block is the continent of the policy uncertainty problem, this will be their biggest obstacles, including China compliance with government rules and regulations, to ensure transparency and website users to protect user data security.

wants to come in? It’s not that easy. You have to negotiate with the mainland. It’s not that easy. Even after entering China, how can it be that Google is a vivid portrayal of Facebook, of course, unless Zach · Berg is willing to unconditionally meet all the requirements of the mainland.

from the end of 2010 after the visit to China, Zuckerberg has visited China many times, has visited Baidu CEO Robin Li, China Mobile chairman Wang Jianzhou, sina CEO Cao Guowei and Alibaba chairman of the board Ma, trying to sign a cooperation agreement to build a joint venture with the Chinese company, were to fail. Domestic partners can not be determined, the license is difficult to implement, the authorities have been no signs of relenting. February 2, 2012 Facebook submitted an application in IPO wrote, there are four countries in the world can not access Facebook, one of which is china.

is not only in China, Facebook is also facing policy barriers in other countries. Previously, Facebook in India

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