Online casual gaming site Lumosity 32 million 500 thousand financing

      according to TechCrunch reports, online games website Lumosity $32 million 500 thousand C round of financing, by the Menlo Ventures FirstMark Capital Harrison, the lead investor, Metal Norwest, Venture Partners in. The company’s total financing amounted to $40 million.

        Lumosity is the development of a number of Stanford University neuroscientists, their product is more like a puzzle game, the ability to exercise the brain to enhance peoples work learning and thinking.

        Statistics said that after 10 hours of playing the game, the average can bring short-term memory improvement of 10%; in the case of decentralized attention can be increased by more than 20%.

        Lumosity2007 since last year on the line, there are 14 million users in the past four years, last year, there are 8 million users. The game’s paid players from 180 countries and regions, revenue quarter growth rate reached 25%.

        founder Kunal Sarkar said the new financing will be used for mobile device application development, new gameplay, international expansion and marketing.

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