Shanghai development electricity supplier bottlenecks land shortage preferential policies than inlan

was appointed in January 25th this year of the twelfth Shanghai municipal CPPCC members, has always been a high-profile mall Jingdong head Liu Qiang East office "will be" the Shanghai municipal government in a few, in addition to Shanghai in a large area of land, finance, logistics and other aspects of the tax preferential policies for the electricity supplier industry, at the same time, the Shanghai municipal government work report without electricity supplier in the next 5 years planning expressed his regret.

has always been for the mouth of the Liu Qiangdong, the CPPCC members in the position put forward their own proposals and ideas is very normal, before the chairman of Suning Appliance as a member of the CPPCC National NPC and CPPCC also submit a through many times during the rural modern commercial circulation system is conducive to the industry proposal.


relative to the unusual attention on the electricity supplier leading electricity supplier Alibaba located in Zhejiang Province, and Guangdong province last year launched the "guanghuo network" policy to support the province’s electricity supplier industry, is committed to building a global financial center of Shanghai City, the development of logistics business scope to the electricity supplier industry related to the inclusion of key development within.


Liu Qiangdong said that the rapid growth in electricity supplier industry, the Shanghai municipal government if we pay no attention to this emerging industry, the industry accounted for third of 2020 GDP ratio of more than 65% of the estimated target is difficult to achieve, but for Shanghai, finance, international trade, shipping, real estate is clearly focused on the development of the third industry, compared with Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Anhui, the scarcity of land resources in Shanghai clearly does not have the advantage of the development of the electricity supplier.


Shanghai Jiading, Qingpu and other outlying areas will also build a logistics base as the core of his plans, especially in Jiading are called the East China electricity supplier logistics, the logistics base for the electricity supplier’s annual sales exceeded 25 billion yuan. According to the Shanghai local media reports, 2012, Jiading Industrial Park, the 249 B2C e-commerce turnover exceeded 25 billion, accounting for the whole of Shanghai B2C trading volume 1/3, the growth rate and size than the traditional "glamour", the annual retail sales of commercial Huangpu, Jingan, Xuhui and other than many tens of billions of business.

but the development of the electricity supplier in Shanghai apparently has its own bottleneck, although Jiading’s logistics base development is booming, but Jiangsu and Nanjing, Suqian, Anhui Hefei, Zhejiang Xiaoshan, the land resource constraints make it unable to provide a large area of the logistics base construction land, this is Liu Qiangdong mentioned they are in Jiading, although the Asian logistics base has 260 thousand square meters, but to meet the East Jingdong in 2013 revenue 30 billion yuan, the 800 thousand square meters of logistics land, but it is difficult to provide the land in Shanghai. The price of land provided by the Shanghai and Hefei, Suqian and other places can not be compared to provide tax, financial and other preferential policies with the same amount of investment in inland cities can not be mentioned in the same breath.

there is one point, that is, the original line of Shanghai developed under the commercial, as well as supporting commercial real estate are very developed, no >

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