Knowledge sharing long way to answer know almost Live can go far

Uber and Airbnb hot led global sharing economy prevails, so no matter how many platforms will go on the sharing economy, seems to put up the economic sharing label, can make yourself look good. Then, starting around the sharing economy, knowledge sharing economy emerged, know the platform and shell’s name in line began to share economic banner, have launched Live and know the answer, to open their own knowledge sharing way.

surface, and good scenery seems to know almost ruthless, has launched a new platform, but behind the glossy coat is?

know almost always stuck in the road of realization

in the eyes of many people, almost know to get a $400 million valuation, and access to a stake in Tencent, is a dazzling star content platform. But to know the platform itself, they are experiencing the two most serious practical problems.

is a high-quality user began to flee. In fact, know the real value lies in the small and beautiful, if the line to micro-blog and WeChat in the user scale, but lost the knowledge on the value of the platform. Once upon a time, I knew almost once the focus of China’s high-quality users of the community, but with the knowledge of the platform is fully open, more and more marketing account began to know the current platform. Knowledge of the number of users in the increase, but know almost the platform of high-quality users are gradually fled.

another real problem is to know the realization of the platform, for almost, the quality of the content can not be realized, but they are always in the hearts of pain. Although almost know the platform began to launch a number of advertising show, but this advertising model is still very simple, not enough to maintain the operating costs of the platform know almost. As a result, know almost started to know almost Live, to pay a shared economy launched an attack. Know Live can help some large coffee to obtain income, also from the platform can also share a cup of soup.

is a transformation after the end.

as a sub answer, it is a passive transformation. Today the line, the line has become increasingly unrealistic appointment. For a large coffee, line with the cost is not high, a few hundred yuan appointment costs also need to consume half of the traffic jam time, if a woman, even still need some time to dress up. At this model for a large coffee, once the two meeting is acceptable, but if the long-term met with friends is not reality. For users, they may even feel some spend hundreds of yuan price.

so, more and more industries began to meet at about V, in fact has become a tasteless gesture of chicken ribs products. In desperation, the eyes looked at almost know the launch of almost Live, can only be hurried to panic in the introduction of sub.

Compared to

at the line with a threshold, this line of questioning will be much lower, for user >

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