Network forum encounter mobile media to break out of the road to move to

day before elong to the price of 76 million 500 thousand yuan to Nanjing Xicihutong community forum 90% equity and all related assets were transferred to the Jiangsu Zijin Huiwen Media Investment Co. Ltd., and this also makes the transfer of Xicihutong once known as "the first Chinese community portal website" the traditional network forum ushered in the third term master. Almost at the same time, the other has been a time when the forum Tianya community came out in search of the new three board listing of the message, hoping to get rebirth.

network forum as one of the earliest air plant in China Internet products, the Internet represents the equality and interaction, sharing spirit to the majority of Internet users, the passion and dreams of a generation of Internet users. But now, when it comes to online forums, the memory of many people seems to be stuck at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century. The old downtown have withered, many netizens sigh. Update in dazzling iteration of Internet today, network forum is doomed to break through the transition in the direction of the road, where is



the era of beach goers

Liu Hu, founder of the Nanjing Xici, speaking of the development forum website and Xicihutong familiar.

1998, Nanjing Power Institute (now Nanjing Normal University Zijin campus) teacher Liu Hu (aka Great Outlaws) in a chance to start xicihutong. Unexpectedly, the network forum in a few years to gather a lot of popularity, especially in the overseas Chinese influence.

"I 2005 registered account, the ten years of time to company, every day I write my own post thread, the passions, webmaster is my work and career, has been deeply integrated into my life, close inseparable." Xicihutong netizen "a puffer fish" said that the forum is displayed and expressed self platform on Internet forums have a sense of belonging and strong adhesion.

Wang Shaolei, associate professor, School of Journalism and communication, Nanjing Normal University, the rise of the Internet forum is based on the background of traditional media. At that time, audiences have no other channels to release "express impulse", network forum provides: a low threshold may be; and the network forum has the concept of the community, you can complete a certain social, is also a small procedure, can be regarded as an important place of public opinion.

like Xicihutong, a large number of well-known Internet Forum collective emergence in the last century, and in the beginning of this century development, such as Tianya, Tsinghua University, SMTH BBS alumni, network, Katie community and so on, with the network forum as the representative of the network with support from the agency the completion of China’s Internet era brilliant Web2.0.

"the hubbub" into someone else’s

I do not know since when, this kind of traditional Xicihutong community network has become a "limbo", the well-known moderators have left, users have increasingly become silent". From mainland China, Wang Shaolei said

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