High quality authoritative site welfare renewed Baidu Webmaster Platform beta chain site tool

A5 (admin5.com) January 23rd news web site, in order to authority can get a better display, today, Baidu Webmaster Platform added "site chain" tool, and synchronize open beta chain tool station idea, there is a need to Baidu webmaster can submit Taiwan Changping station.

station idea chain tools will open one or more backbone for the site, each chain support submitted within the 6 sub chain data, sorting and editing and support on the chain, provides the opportunity for better display site.


Webmaster Platform said, "the site chain" tool follow-up will be upgraded, with the day before the beta site permissions through the "site chain" tool, Baidu submitted an important sub site, site of an important channel page, as an important reserve data chain.


in addition, want to apply for the beta qualifications can be webmaster platform account information, the website domain name through the official mailbox [email protected] sent to Webmaster Platform mail application, web site needs to have been verified in Webmaster Platform qualifications.

station idea chain tool address: http://s.zhanzhang.baidu.com/sitelink/index

attached: application format, notes and methods of use


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