Fang revealed 360 users to upload the hidden danger Zhou Hongyi was sentenced to fight back

for 360 company chairman Zhou Hongyi forwarded "friends broke Fang was bribed by Baidu and other remarks on micro-blog, Fang to reputation infringement sued Zhou Hongyi, claims the spirit of the loss of 200 thousand yuan. Last weekend, the "3 party raise a Babel of criticism of war" to make a trial at the Beijing Chaoyang District court decision. Court of first instance found that Zhou Hongyi infringement was established, but because of the initiative to eliminate the consequences of infringement and bear the responsibility of the defendant, only fined 1000 yuan of its compensation fee of $and assume legal fees.

has led the Ministry of concern

"3 wars" in October last year Fang micro-blog publicly declared that 360 security browser security ", and forwarded the relevant micro-blog, said the 360 browser steal user privacy warning, many public figures do not use.

later, Fang micro-blog said that in 2010, Google server accidentally grabbed 360 server information, which leads to hidden 1 million 400 thousand user information was leaked, including Taobao, online banking and other high-risk account and password information, and Chery automobile internal procurement documents, the Three Gorges group’s financial statements and other commercial information. Fang questioned the existence of 360 upload user privacy behavior.

questioned Fang, Zhou Hongyi responded on micro-blog said, recently, there are users exposed material said Fang was money to buy and use." In this regard, Fang Zhou Hongyi in violation of its reputation to court, asking them to remove the infringing micro-blog information, published a letter of apology and compensation for moral damages solatium 200 thousand yuan. 3 party war triggered the attention of the Ministry of industry. Ministry of Communications Development Secretary Zhang Feng said that the Ministry will investigate the theft of 360 users accused Fang security browser privacy concerns."

Fang dissatisfied with the verdict

first instance verdict found that the case is due to the existence of 360 browser users accused of security risks, Fang reminded the public attention. 360 browser security risks exist in relation to consumer safety and privacy, it is worth all consumers to explore. Zhou Hongyi response should focus on whether there are any problems mentioned in question, rather than a direct attack on Fang himself. In the case, Zhou Hongyi forwarded friends broke the news: the ark was heavily used Baidu and micro-blog’s remarks were not taken by the judge.

for only 1000 yuan for this verdict, Fang is clearly not satisfied, he said it was "funny" in micro-blog; and the lawyer Zhou Hongyi insisted that Fang adopted double standards for 360, this is not normal.

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