Self P2P net loan platform site for billions of dollars of total financing

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Zhang Yan the devil lives next door to the angels.


website for the largest borrower, the cumulative financing billions of dollars


Rong Rong as a third party net loan platform, its function was originally neutral and impartial audit of loan demand and loan qualification. If it is the use of their own platform for borrowing, P2P net loan platform can be completely neutral?]

is not so much Rong Rong online is a P2P loan platform as it is a financing platform." A P2P net loan company executives told the first financial daily "financial" reporters. Since the establishment of P2P net loan company, the person in charge of Liu Zhijun is the largest borrower.

According to

Sheng Rong online data released by the official Liu Zhijun (Chengrong account tonyliu) since November 19, 2010 has issued 72 loans, the cumulative borrowing principal 119 million yuan, 9 million 924 thousand and 600 yuan still has not.

"if you count some of the other unknown accounts belonging to tonyliu, but also more than this number." An industry source told reporters.

after the reporter explained the intention of the text messages, Liu Zhijun first reply said contact reporters later, after two days, reporters repeatedly call Liu Zhijun phone are no answer.

With their own

net loan platform cumulative financing billions of dollars

tonyliu personal information shows that it is 33 years old married men, is located in Guangdong City, Guangzhou Province, serving in the organs and institutions, the position is a departmental leader, monthly income of more than $50 thousand.

Rong online insiders confirmed to reporters that the person responsible for tonyliu Liu Zhijun. "There is no risk to the tonyliu, and the audit of his site is as strict as that of other borrowers." The Rong insiders told reporters.

investors in the Rong Rong online exchange group, tonyliu has been the object of hot melt investors. Tonyliu often in the financial website to the outside world Sheng Rong online development strategy, revealing their whereabouts.

according to the data of the third party network Loan Network home loans to the financial network, tonyliu in the past month, the size of the loan in the last month of the list is ranked first in the top of the Rong Rong online.

For example, in April tonyliu through its own platform to borrow $12 million 963 thousand and 300, is the second largest borrower; tonyliu borrowing in May was $17 million 260 thousand, is the largest borrower; in June tonyliu borrowings of $9 million 730 thousand, is the second largest borrower, the borrower is the largest borrower in the year of


, due to the recent Sheng Rong online issued a number of seconds mark, flooded the scale of borrowing, if the elimination of second standard, tonyliu higher proportion of loans." An industry source told reporters. < >

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