The news network payment platform network to be set up in the program

April 14th news, according to media reports, China payments clearing Association will set up non bank payment institutions online payment and settlement platform, the platform is the industry to become "Networking", similar to the function of unionpay. Currently this platform is the central bank to take the internal procedures.

news network payment platform "network" to be set up in walking program

it is understood that the "net" is similar with China UnionPay, clearing platform. "Networking" is mainly aimed at holding Internet payment payment institution license holders, and acquiring licenses, prepaid licenses and other payment institutions are not included. After the third party payment companies only need to access the network, without the need to talk about cooperation with each bank respectively. "Network" will be a unified technical standards and business rules, and provide our customers prepared to pay the gold deposit concentrated pipe support.

for example, the current user fast transfer funds will be transferred from the bank card of Alipay or WeChat, Alipay or WeChat and other payment companies like bank access interface to the corresponding, the bank will therefore receive certain costs to pay the company interface. And Alipay, WeChat and three party payment companies and banks to negotiate. In order to reduce the cost of transfer, WeChat has now begun to charge fees charged to the user.

has pointed out, "network" was established to help reduce the cost paid by the company, improve the efficiency of small third party payment company is good. (Ming Yu)

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