Former founder of UUZONE re founded the local Q & a website LOCQL


June 8th news, according to informed sources, the country’s first social network UUZONE founder Mao Zhihong venture again, founded by its local Q & a site LOCQL has recently been on the line.

it is understood that LOCQL runs on Google application engine, users can log on through Facebook Connect. The concept is simple: encourage users to share as much information as possible about the local or local residents. Users can vote based on the quality of the answer, but also with other community members interact. LOCQL’s ultimate goal is to become a global cooperative community, the establishment of a site and local enterprise information on the large Q & a database.

LOCQL another co-founder Li Haitao recently in an interview with foreign media said they think the key is not the local search data set, but the user issues and local information lack of contact. LOCQL aims to fill the user’s existing social map, using the game mechanism to try to change it.

according to foreign media reports, LOCQL’s early prototype was established in Seattle, a start-up company conference. At present, Li Haitao is still in Microsoft excel and at work, although LOCQL is part-time personal investment project, but the project has attracted the attention of VC.

Mao Zhihong is a forerunner of the domestic SNS sites, social networks established by the 2003 yoyo zone (UUZONE) to get venture capital, then social networks in the United States is still in the concept stage, FriendSter is still in its infancy.

foreign media that is similar to the LOCQL service including Loqly, although there are Gootip,, Localmind and Hipster, among which Hipster has raised $1 million but not yet on the line, the speed of LOCQL has come to the front of the same kind website. (end)

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