Hong Bo Google Chinese search 7 year old feeling

      Google spent its 9 year old birthday this month, but today is the Google Chinese search for the birthday of the year of 7. The Chinese do not understand the search engine, has been quietly in Chinese for the Chinese people for 7 years, more than the Chinese language, Baidu launched an independent search site more than a year earlier.

      today, Baidu’s dominance of the Chinese search market has been difficult to change, at least, in the expected future, no significant change. However, this is not the post I care about, I want to know is a small company founded only two years, it should start to integrate global information, and our enterprises can integrate it by Chinese copy/paste fattening? Why people from the very beginning determined to do the global platform, and we are keen to do the world’s largest Chinese XXXX, the world’s largest Chinese XXXX?

      many years ago, the domestic popular Windows plug-in Chinese platform, there are relatively well-known Chinese star, RichWin, Antarctic magnitude. The Chinese platform enterprise, there is a reason to shout loudly: Microsoft does not understand Chinese, we have a better understanding of the user’s habits China. It is not that very familiar?

      it was said that the domestic Internet market is large enough. But do not forget, the number of Internet users in the United States is still more than China, the market is disproportionately large. Why do companies in a larger market, they are not satisfied with the local market at a very young age, and even a few people only a few Silicon Valley entrepreneurial team, but also take the initiative to consult my views on the development of the Chinese market. And in a smaller market, our business is that the market has been great?

      I think this is a typical Xiaofujian mentality or that is a small territory and population, the entrepreneurial state determines the ideal level. If your ideal, is the building of a village, the largest tile, you can build a house; if your ideal is to let everyone on the table has a PC, you may be Bill · Gates.

      today, a reporter asked me, I most often use the website is which? I did not hesitate to say: Google. I Gmail with all my personal and business letters, Google Reader read the subscription blog using Google Calendar to arrange all the schedule, with the Google Docs office document processing, team communication with Google Groups, using Picasa to manage digital photos, daily communication with Google Talk, even with a few other > Blogger management

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