Ctrip where to go to gossip in response to the merger of Liang Jianzhang VS Zhuang Chen Chao who

Ctrip CEO Liang Liang


Where is

network CEO Zhuang Chen Chao


began in April, Ctrip, where the merger news began to spread.

yesterday, Ctrip founder, CEO Liang Jianzhang and where the network founder, CEO Zhuang Chenchao invariably in the form of internal mail to respond to the merger scandal". Liang Jianzhang stressed that Ctrip will be long-term operating independently, Zhuang Chenchao said, the capital market will be one’s own contacts and negotiations leading. To carry the final hand, yet the dust settles.

internal mail emphasizes the dominance of

yesterday, the media quoted sources as saying that Ctrip and where the network has reached a preliminary agreement to merge with the 100% convertible way, the exchange ratio of 1:2. Previously, there is news that the two sides will press the 1:3 convertible.

yesterday morning, Ctrip CEO Liang Jianzhang said in an internal e-mail, there are a lot of rumors recently, I believe the vast majority of employees should be regarded as rumors, concentrate on work." He stressed that Ctrip will be long-term, independent operation."

Ctrip said yesterday on the Beijing News reporter, both from company earnings, market capitalization or market share index, Ctrip is the first online travel company, fully capable of independent long-term development, to fully tap the potential of China tourism market, and lead the market.

a day earlier, Liang Jianzhang also revealed to the media on the merger rumors attitude, he said, holding the main company in general always merge, Ctrip regardless of market capitalization or turnover (than where network) so much higher."

shortly after the Liang Jianzhang issued an internal e-mail, where the network CEO Zhuang also sent an internal e-mail, emphasizing where to lead". He said, we have always been in the capital market to start a variety of contacts and negotiations, all negotiations are to go where the management of long-term lead the premise of the future."

merger news just came out in April 8th, Ctrip, where to go and where the controlling shareholder of Baidu’s three U.S. listed companies, rose by 10.41%, respectively, 14.65%, 5.19%. Yesterday, Baidu and Ctrip were up 2.68%, 1%, where to go by 0.55%.

to carry the merger or Baidu

industry believes that the three BAT acquisition station, A (Alibaba) and T (Tencent) heats up, Baidu has seem lonely. The merger to carry rumors, Baidu may be in the acquisition of the war in the pursuit of a layout, and can not directly occupy the A and T’s online travel industry to occupy a dominant position.

in this regard, Yang Yanfeng, deputy director of the China Tourism Research Institute of Beijing News reporter, said the merger

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