Micro blog Ali a fast out of embarrassment with the giant medium size company how to Fengeng

if micro-blog and Ali again negotiate a new strategic plan, as compared to three years ago, the former will require equal status on cooperation, and is no longer the "Godfather" and by asylum seekers.

just held micro-blog movie night, micro-blog in June 16th and held a gathering of hundreds of live video, fashion, the Reds’ super Reds festival".

in a lively behind micro-blog, with three years of time tells the story of a business story — for a medium size company, how to use the giant capital and resources at the same time, between perpendicular and horizontal points and close, the maximum to maintain their independence and win the future road.

in April 29, 2013 when Sina announced that micro-blog and Alibaba (China) when it signed a strategic cooperation agreement, as social business, mobile traffic entrance, and other words of excited people will not think of this strategic cooperation in two years and nine months when it halted in the first quarter of 2016 unaudited earnings, micro-blog confirmed the strategy a cooperation agreement with the Alibaba expired in January 2016.

left Ali after micro-blog did not appear before that cliff and the gap, instead relying on its strong social attributes, play fast in a short video, broadcast network, red and other fields, has got more recognition in Wall Street. U.S. local time on Friday, June 3rd, micro-blog shares closed up 2.8% to $27.54, a record high since the listing, the market value of the first breakthrough $6 billion.


1, micro-blog until the ransom of the chance


reached after Ali in strategic cooperation and complete the further increase of the process, but it is still a nature of lending to capital as the main media, trade cooperation, to stay in the consistency of the money, and maintain cooperative relations between the two sides and not have fused into one mind.

so, when micro-blog has the ability to independently make beautiful figures on earnings, it is time to ransom.

actually, it’s a bit of a surprise. November 2015, after the launch of the privatization of Alibaba Youku potatoes offer, public opinion has also been considered micro-blog will become the next acquisition target in the media and social networking is still a lot of ambition Alibaba. U.S. financial website Seeking Alpha even in its article gives a clear timetable, Alibaba will acquire micro-blog within 6 months."

even after the end of strategic cooperation in 2016 of April, the Wall Street Journal online edition also published an article, said Sina may go on the same road as YAHOO, the whole or part of the sale of the company. Taking into account the current low price of sina as well as Ali’s ambitions in the media field, Ali is likely to give up the holdings of micro-blog shares, direct cheap acquisition of sina."


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