C2B e commerce reverse hit the first impact of the automotive site

social forum can aggregate consumer demand for Internet users, the formation of C2B model, the impact of automotive vertical e-commerce?

Internet has really changed the face of many traditional industries, some of them even change is disruptive, such as retail, entertainment and so on, but for the complexity of such resistance such as automobile consumer goods, the power of the Internet has not yet been fully reflected.

from the Internet marketing to the online car, the traditional B2C has slowly begun to change the Internet for this kind of special commodity car consumption habits, but it is still difficult to meet all users of consumer experience. The new concept of C2B, which is based on the social attribute as the core, is quietly impacting the traditional ecological appearance of the car which has been formed over the past century.

network changes

traditional enterprise marketing

, the Internet has penetrated into the automotive industry marketing level, from the aspects of marketing, mode, concept and technology, and the FMCG marketing as compared to life, not to fall leeward. At the same time, with the rise of SoLoMo in the past four years, a new trend of bottom-up sweeping sweeping and transformation of the automotive industry is the concept of marketing.

the "bottom-up" new trend of thought brought about by the biggest impact is that the car companies began to show unprecedented concern to consumers. They want to go to consumers, to understand their hobbies, topics, habits, excitement…… The Internet, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, micro-blog and other social networking sites, or to the car as the representative of the vertical site for the automotive industry to provide consumers with fast access to the side.

vertical forum social charm, but because the industry platform attributes, but also "accurate" word. A vertical class forum users are very clear about their needs, which greatly reduces the risk of churn. It is simple and practical and word-of-mouth, these social features also constitute the core competitiveness of vertical forum.

online sales

belongs to the primary stage

for the car in Internet sales, automobile manufacturers, and even some car integrated business professional media have made the attempt, in February 2012, the Jingdong announced a high-profile mall started "car"; August, Benz (Chinese) for the first time to try new B travel car sale at the mall Tmall; Chery, Peugeot and other manufacturers are constantly combined car home launched online group purchase activities.

, however, this kind of selling cars and the traditional sense of the B2C is different. Consumer orders panic buying on the Internet, payment, and payment behavior, car test, both in the 4S store. For consumers, the car itself and the related Follow-Up Services linked in the sales process is inseparable, CEO Qin car home Zhiceng stressed that "business platform can only be regarded as a node at the point of sale, the current car e-commerce charge >

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