only pay attention to the content of a person’s speech on a topic


in January 13, 2014, a new community product quietly on the line, its name is called "network". If the invitation is not from the requirements of the official account of the mail, and see the wave of factory in the "bean darryu", with a strong flavor of the Chinese name and different page design style and the new brand community, this is really incredible watercress official products.


" met with everyone in a strange way. Its concept is too new, is not the normal community social products play:

(with watercress account login, the main content of the home page is only 3 content release button and the right side of the client to download two-dimensional code, click on the "decoration" channel, as shown in figure

I saw a North, but I can’t pay attention to this person? I opened the weight-loss topic, but cannot subscribe to this whole topic, only concerned with one’s weight loss channel? When I suffer from the content is boring, found no search for people can’t search topic



from the more familiar bean friends who have been concerned about a few channels, the dynamic home page with information. Patience to play for a while, for such a small range of open beta version of the product, I am a bit more new understanding.

first Lenovo, the traditional community social products, the content organization to show the form of two. One is to organize the theme content, BBS forum, Post Bar and group, you will see in it is the content of the speech of all people a topic; to organize the content is a, Qzone, micro-blog, light blog, all you see is the topic of concern to the people. Apart from the strong relational social network does not speak, content of community to solve the needs of users is how to help users find content of interest.

how to find good content, subscribe to topics or subscribers are one-dimensional content filtering, the existing community for how to improve the content of the signal to noise ratio has also made a lot of attempts. Subscribe to the theme of anyone can speak, natural dragons and fishes jumbled together, uneven in quality content. Vertical community, Post Bar and watercress group through to the subject and to let more people segmentation focus, more in line with the expected direction of the user; knowing, hackernews through the comments and sorting algorithm to content quality screening, make it easier for users to see the contents of quality. And like micro-blog, by focusing on people to filter the content of this idea, people who are concerned about the content of all the topics he published is not our concern, the quality of the signal to noise ratio and quality is limited. Know almost as a high quality content of the community, the organization of information on subscriptions and subscribers to do the combination of both, the design effect is quite good. This is the watercress radio has been trying to do, in the past 2013, watercress guess this theme featured content also put into a neighboring radio.

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