[data] October Tmall 20 category sales data

according to the related data cube, billion state power network Summary (including Taobao Tmall) in 2014 October 20 categories in the sales of the top ten brand sales and related data, reference



battlefield Jeep sales in October exceeded 100 million, Taizhi wolf, Jeep shield and peacebird into the top ten, and in September ranked 567 in the Roman and all Rimula this month fell out of the list.

men’s shoes


dandy top sales compared to September rose 13 million yuan, Linsen rose to second, sales also rose more than 5 million.



double nearly eleven, brand sales have seen a surprising decline, according to informed sources, the double eleven sale from mid October has already begun, but sales are not included in the statistics of the pre-sale in October.



Mo Lei Kou Lei first, sales growth compared to last month, more than 15 million yuan, while GUCCI family compared to September sales also rose more than 10 million.




Tmall bags Market as a whole is relatively calm, only the charm A new force suddenly rises. sales reached 8 million 10 thousand yuan, in the category of the top three.




October sales rose more than 10 million, Mao Mao en love rises close to 7 million in the top three; in addition, the British love of Guangzhou’s high-end children’s clothing brand English also entered the October sales of the top ten.

apparel accessories



class is currently ten of the brands are Septwolves, dandy and Rege Little, Goldlion, Heng Yuan Xiang, woodpeckers, fatai, mambang, Doudilu and Pierre Cardin in four to ten.



bedding brand sales in October the overall rise, but the level is still very high, in the first row of beijirong sales of nearly 40 million yuan, and in the fourth row of gold sales of only 5 million 860 thousand yuan.

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