The unusual five years of Facebook development

mentioned Facebook, I believe no one does not know, in fact, this software is so famous, can not be separated from the hard work of MeenalBalar, spent five years, MeenalBalar to allow a company to live on the month of 1 billion 200 million.

five years, MeenalBalar’s job is to make every corner of the earth have more people to use Facebook. In 2009, her team has just been established, when the company set the goal is to reach one billion users. In 2014, when she left the Facebook as the director of user growth team, the monthly active users of this product is 1 billion 276 million.

Balar is the soul of achieving this goal. She needs to answer a series of questions in achieving her goals. For example, how to take into account the needs of the use of mobile end users, and when this group of people in the world’s most remote corner, how to achieve it.

man Facebook user growth is not Everything is going smoothly.

in the early growth of Facebook users, the team enthusiasm on various creative test core product experience. Balar himself felt a lot of work in fact to understand one thing – users need to cross the gap facebook.

Balar divides the target population into three.

A, never heard of the product groups;

three, already know but do not intend to use the product of the user.

let second people become the key to the development of the user group is very understanding of the potential users of the product, including the point to understand what they think and use products. One example is that when Balar wants to increase the number of logins in some countries, they always analyze the initial registration flow and observe the barriers that people use in each region. For example, in some parts of Africa, many users do not have a mailbox, only the phone number. In order to attract this part of the user, Faceb recommended

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